ACA Reporting Software for
Third-Party Administrators

ACAwise offers a customized
ACA Reporting solution for TPAs.

  • Handle data in all file formats
  • Control Panel to track the progress of your clients
  • Perform Various Data Validations
  • Simplify workflow with multi-user access
  • Secure portal access for clients to review forms
IRS AIR Aprroved E-file Provider

IRS AIR Approved
E-file Provider

End to End Solution From Data handling to mailing copies

End to End Solution From ACA Compliance to Reporting

Customized Solution as per your requirements

Customized Solution as per your requirements

Accurate & Error Free Filing

White Label Solution
for TPAs

At ACAwise, we understand your business as a Third Party Administrator. Managing benefits and handling ACA reporting for multiple employers isn't easy. It requires a lot of responsibility to ensure the needs of each employer are properly handled.

Before understanding how ACAwise helps TPAs, let's look at the challenges
TPAs may face:

  • Tools to handle different filing formats
  • Reviewing processed forms before transmission
  • Client portal to keep track of each business
  • Notification of transmission & acceptance of forms by IRS for
    each client
  • Providing employee copies for each of their client

How can ACAwise Simplify the Challenges of TPAs in
ACA Reporting?

ACAwise provides a customized reporting solution for each TPA based on their needs. Whether you have 10 clients or 100, we have a solution that best suits your portfolio.

All your Data Handling & Validations taken care of

Upload your client information quickly and securely into our system. ACAwise provides a secure portal to input your information. You can either upload data utilizing our template or use your own template. If you have data in different file formats, ACAwise has the required tools for converting your data into an acceptable file format to process in
our system.

ACAwise handles your data, ensuring your forms are generated accurately and error free by validating your information using TIN Matching, IRS Business Rules Validation, XML Schema Validation and USPS Address Validation. You’ll be notified of any errors identified during the validation process, and allow you to make corrections using an
Excel template.

Streamline your workflow

Manage all your clients' ACA reporting and keep track of the workflow with multi-user access. Grant members of your team varying levels of account access. Assign your staff privileges specific to a client or a group of businesses.

ACAwise provides you a user friendly control panel, where you can conveniently see all your clients return status like initiated, in-progress, waiting for approval, waiting for correction, and transmitted to the IRS, all at one place. This also gives you a clear focus on where you are with your reporting process.

Review and Approve prior to transmitting forms to the IRS!

ACAwise allows you to review your forms before transmitting them to the IRS. You can either review the forms generated for your clients, or have your clients or their employees review them before transmitting them to the IRS. Any errors noticed during the review process can be communicated to ACAwise for corrections for a smooth transition during the reporting process.

ACA Reporting Services
Built for Third-Party Administrators

ACA Core

Provide your basic employee data with
ACA codes.

ACAwise will handle:


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ACA Elite

Provide your raw data, including your employee census, enrollment,
and payroll data.

ACAwise will handle:


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A Quick Guide for Third-Party Administrators

ACAwise has created a free guide to help HCM Providers better understand their 2023 ACA Reporting Requirements and ACA Codes.

ACA Reporting Requirements for 2024

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ACA Code Cheatsheet for 2024

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Customer Success Stories

ACAwise has helped clients meet their ACA reporting needs with our customized solutions.

White Label Solution for TPAs

As a Third Party Administrator, proving your ACA capabilities is as important as performing ACA Reporting itself.

When you register with ACAwise as a TPA, you’re able to enhance your account with our White Label option.

ACAwise’s White Label Accounts come with a customized version of ACAwise, built exclusively for you to market your ACA Reporting service to your clients with your own brand name. You have full control over all reporting services offered by ACAwise for
your brand.

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