ACA Reporting Software for Applicable Large Employers

  • Form 1095 Code Generation
  • Form 1095 E-Filing with the IRS
  • Postal Mail Employees copies
  • ACA Form Corrections

Thousands of Employers generated Forms with 98% accuracy, and it's still counting. Join the many who have chosen us for their ACA Reporting.

IRS AIR Aprroved E-file Provider

IRS AIR Approved E-file Provider

End to End Solution From Data handling to mailing copies

End to End Solution From Data handling to mailing copies

Customized Solution as per your requirements

Customized Solution as per your requirements

Accurate & Error Free Filing

Accurate & Error Free Filing

How it Works for Applicable Large Employers

1094/1095 Data Upload

Upload Employer Details

1094/1095 Form Generation

We generate Codes

1094/1095 Form Review

We validate your data with TIN Matching, IRS Business Rules, Schema, & USPS validation

1094/1095 IRS E-Filing

We generate Forms & send for review

1094/1095 Postal Mailing

Upon approval, we will e-file with the IRS

Customer Success Stories

See how ACAwise has helped clients meet their ACA reporting needs with our customized solutions.

ACA Form Corrections & Amendments for ALEs

Form Corrections

Form 1095s accepted by the IRS with errors can easily be corrected in ACAwise. We keep you informed of any errors and help you correct & retransmit the returns.


Need to correct your employee's coverage information or report more 1095 Forms? No problem! ACAwise lets you correct, update, and even amend your Transmittal Form 1094.

1094/1095 Form Correction

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