ACA Reporting Software for Applicable Large Employers

What ACAwise can do for you!

  • Generate Line 14, & 16 Codes
  • Generate 1094-B/C and 1095-B/C Forms
  • Perform Various Data Validations
  • Send Forms to you for Review
  • E-file with the IRS and the State
  • Distribute Employee Copies

We take the risk out of your Reporting!

IRS AIR Aprroved E-file Provider

IRS AIR Approved E-file Provider

End to End Solution From Data handling to mailing copies

End to End Solution From Data handling to employee copy distribution

Customized Solution as per your requirements

Customized Solution as per your requirements

Accurate & Error Free Filing

Accurate & Error Free Filing

A Simplified ACA 1094 and 1095-B / 1095-C Reporting
Process for Employers

At ACAwise, we take care of preparing your ACA Forms 1095-B and 1095-C with codes for each employee and e-file them with the IRS and the
States on your behalf.

1094/1095 Data Upload

Upload your Data Securely using Excel or CSV file format

1094/1095 Form Generation

ACAwise will perform data validations to prevent errors

1094/1095 Form Review

ACAwise will generate 1094 and 1095 Forms with codes

1094/1095 IRS E-Filing

You can review Forms through our Secure portal and notify us for any corrections

1094/1095 Postal Mailing

Upon Approval, ACAwise will file the Forms with the IRS and the State

ACAwise will distribute the employee copies through postal mail and a secure online access.

ACA Reporting Services
Built for Employers

ACA Core

Provide your basic employee data with
ACA codes.

ACAwise will handle


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ACA Elite

Provide your raw data, including your employee census, enrollment,
and payroll data.

ACAwise will handle


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A Quick Guide for Employers

ACAwise has created a Free guide to help applicable large employers to know 2024 ACA Reporting Requirements
and ACA Codes better.

ACA Reporting Requirements for 2024

ACA Code Cheatsheet for 2024

Customer Success Stories

See how ACAwise has helped clients meet their ACA reporting needs with our customized solutions.

ACA Form Corrections & Amendments for ALEs

Form Corrections

Form 1095s accepted by the IRS with errors can easily be corrected in ACAwise. We keep you informed of any errors and help you correct & retransmit the returns.


Need to correct your employee's coverage information or report more 1095 Forms? No problem! ACAwise lets you correct, update, and even amend your Transmittal Form 1094.

1094/1095 Form Correction

ACA Reporting Highlights

IRS extends the ACA 1094/1095 deadline for 2021

ACA Filing deadline for 2023

Employers should know the updated ACA 1094 and 1095-B/C reporting deadlines for 2023.

Learn More
ACA Form 1095-C Code Sheet

ACA Form 1095-C Code Sheet

To report the health coverage information on Form 1095-C, ALEs clearly understand the Line 14 & 16 Codes.

Learn More
2022 ACA Reporting Requirements

2023 ACA Reporting Requirements

These instructions will help employers understand the ACA 1094/1095 Reporting Requirements for 2023.

Learn More

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