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Just request a free demo! During your demo, our expert support team will guide you through ACAwise so you can learn exactly how our program works before you sign up.
Yes, ACAwise has multiple built-in features that allow you to seamlessly input your data.
ACAwise offers customer support that's here for you anytime you need! Our headquarters are in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and anytime you call, live chat, or email us, you'll be connected directly with a real person who's happy to help. You can reach us by phone at (704) 954-8420, by live chat through our website at, and by email at
Absolutely! ACAwise was built for everyone who handles ACA compliance, TPAs included, so you're able to input data for an unlimited number of employers and employees.
Yes. In your ACAwise TPA account, you're able to delegate access to your account to your authorized employees and clients.
Yes, again! TPA accounts come with exclusive access to our White Label feature, which builds a customized portal site that displays your ACA reporting services for your clients. And since the portal site is built with your brand, logo, and company colors, your clients won't know you used ACAwise to market it!


With ACAwise, all you have to do to get started tracking, monitoring, and measuring your compliance is input the employee and benefits information you already have. Then, you'll indicate whether you're using the lookback or standard measurement method to determine employee eligibility, and our system will run real-time analyses and alert you of any discrepancies in your ACA compliance.
ACAwise simplifies your compliance requirements by putting everything you need to track, monitor, report, and e-file your ACA compliance in one place. Using IRS-authorized employee eligibility measurement methods, ACAwise allows you to review this and everything else you need to handle your ACA compliance from easily operated dashboards. ACAwise also automatically generates the codes and forms you need to e-file your 1094 and 1095 Forms for the mandatory year-end ACA filing.
Yes, ACAwise has incorporated all of the IRS's business rules for ACA compliance to ensure every health insurance situation is accounted for.
Yes, there are options in ACAwise to indicate an employee is covered by COBRA continuation coverage.
You can view the status of each of your employees from your account dashboard. Additionally, ACAwise will automatically alert you of any changes in an employee's status that signal an offer of coverage should be made or that you could be at risk for an IRS penalty.
Yes. From your ACAwise account, you can generate up-to-date reports to print and share with your clients.
If an employee works for fewer than 13 weeks (26 for educational organizations) prior to his/her termination, ALEs may choose to use a "rule of parity." Under the rule of parity, and in ACAwise, employers are able to treat re-hired employees as new employees as long as the employee's break in service was longer than the employee's preceding period of service.
Yes, breaks in service for educational and non-educational institutions can be validated in ACAwise. The circumstances of the break in service will determine if the returning employee should be classified as a re-hire or new hire employee.
Yes. Since separate insurance plans are required for tobacco users, the appropriate insurance plans will be displayed for each employee who is also a tobacco user.

Data Import

Absolutely. As an IRS-authorized e-file provider and experienced software creator, we've taken every caution to ensure your data is stored and e-filed as securely as possible.
Yes, ACAwise allows you to import your ACA data from the format it's currently in, including XMLs and PDFs.
Yes. With ACAwise you can import your data all at once with our bulk upload system, which allows importing for an unlimited number of employees.
Yes. Once you input your data, you'll be asked to review the information to ensure everything uploaded correctly. If you see an error, you're able to fix it here.

IRS e-Filing

Yes! As a matter of fact, ACAwise was one of the first IRS-authorized e-file providers for the 1094 and 1095 Forms. We even automatically provide the codes you need to complete your forms on time!
To complete either 1095 Form, you'll need the following information:
  • Employee/recipient data (name, address, Social Security Number)
  • Employer/provider data (name, address, phone number, Employer Identification Number)
  • Plan start month
  • Offer of coverage code for each month
  • Employee/recipient monthly premium amount
  • Section 4980H Safe Harbor code (if applicable)
  • Spouse/dependent(s) data, if applicable (name, SSN or DOB, months covered)
Yes. Unlike other transmittal forms that aren't required when e-filing, the transmittal form 1094 is required no matter how you file. Luckily, ACAwise is here to help: we use the data you provide for your 1095 Forms to complete and e-file your 1094 Form also.
Yes, using the health benefits data you input in your account, ACAwise is able to automatically generate the appropriate codes for each form before you e-file.
Right from your ACAwise account! Once you've e-filed, the status of your forms, from Transmission to acceptance, is noted on your dashboard. We'll also email you to alert you of the status of your forms after you've e-filed.

Postal Mail

Yes. Once you've e-filed, you can access IRS-authorized PDF copies of your 1095-B or 1095-C Forms through the print center of your account. These forms can be downloaded and printed at your leisure.
Yes. Unfortunately, we do have to charge a small postal fee for printing and mailing your recipient copies. However, when you compare our postal pricing to the time and resources you'd spend mailing them yourself, it's certainly more cost-effective to have us mail them for you! Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding pricing for postal mailing.


Yes. ACAwise offers the full range of ACA Forms filers need to be ACA compliant, including ACA Correction Forms.
Yes, ACAwise supports the creation and e-filing of ACA Correction Forms, including the 1095-B and 1095-C Forms.
Yes. But while it's not necessary to have filed your original forms through ACAwise, in order to file corrections with us, you will need to have the Receipt ID from the IRS for your original forms.

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