ACA Compliance Tracking and Reporting Software

The complete compliance solution that removes the frustration from employer mandated ACA

Why is ACAwise the ultimate ACA compliance solution for employers?

  • ACAwise is among the leading providers offering a complete ACA reporting solution for employers and service providers.
  • ACAwise has grown to become a comprehensive year round ACA compliance solution for your business.
  • ACAwise is entirely cloud-based, allowing you to track and maintain employee work hours, salaries and benefits (health coverage), if offered.
  • With our simplified workflow process and real-time dashboards, month to month ACA compliance is no longer a hassle!
  • ACAwise provides a monthly personalized report including information regarding Affordability Test, Measurement Summary, Penalty Calculations, Look-back measurement, Monthly Measurement method.
  • Also, ACAwise automatically generates the required codes Line 14 and Line 16 of Form 1095-C (Offer of Coverage and Safe Harbor Codes) which are necessary for year-end reporting.

How does ACAwise’s Compliance and Tracking service work?

Access employee data by viewing a detailed analysis to get a complete history of each individual employee eligible for health care coverage. You can also track your employees' status regularly to determine any changes in your offer of coverage with our detailed analytics and reports.

ACAwise handles the calculations for determining your ALE status based on the number of full time employees. After calculating your ALE Status, ACAwise determines which full-time employees are eligible for an offer of coverage using the Look-Back and the Monthly Measurement Methods.

ACAwise also does an affordability calculation to determine the most ideal coverage for all full-time employees. Keep track of penalties and get notified in advance and reduce the risk of incurring IRS penalties with ACAwise.

Determining Eligibility

Based on the employee and payroll data you provide, ACAwise will determine which employees are eligible for health care coverage and when to make an offer.

Finding Affordability

Based on the benefits information you provide, ACAwise ensures your offer of coverage meets the IRS and ACA affordability standards.

Monitoring Compliance

Utilizing the analytics and reports available to you through ACAwise make it easy to monitor your month to month ACA compliance!

The compliance software that provides all you need to remain ACA compliant

ACAwise's software ensures that all data generated is error-free and updated based on reports that ensure the right measurement standard for determining eligibility and affordability. These also help you make the best decisions while tracking and managing your health coverage offered. All of this ensures your data is ready to be filed with the IRS on time each year without any trouble.

IRS Code Generation

ACAwise begins generating the appropriate IRS ACA codes needed for reporting each employee's offer of coverage to the IRS.

IRS Form Generation

Using the IRS codes and employee data, ACAwise also generates IRS Forms 1094 and 1095 to assist meeting your ACA reporting requirements.

IRS Reporting & E-filing

With our top-of-the-line, IRS-authorized e-filing system, you can securely and easily e-file your ACA returns right from your ACAwise account.

Simplified Employee Eligibility & Affordability Tracking

1094/1095 Data Upload

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Enter Employer Details

Enter Employer Details

Upload Employee Payroll & Benefits Data

Upload Employee Payroll & Benefits Data

Track & Manage ACA Compliance month by month

Track & Manage ACA Compliance month by month

Review Generated Forms 1094 & 1095

Review Generated Forms 1094 & 1095

E-file, Print, & Mail Forms

E-file, Print, & Mail Forms

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