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ACAwise helps meet your reporting requirements under IRC Sections 6055 and 6056.

Experience our End-to-End
ACA Reporting Services
  • ACA 1095 Codes Generation
  • 1094 and 1095 Form Generation
  • IRS and State E-filing
  • Employee Copy Distribution

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ACAwise takes the risk out of your ACA 1094/1095
Reporting through a clearly defined process

Data HandlingData Handling

Our comprehensive software accepts and handles your data securely in multiple ways, such as file upload, API, custom programming, and stores in our HIPAA compliant server.

You can also upload data either using the ACAwise template or your own template.

Data ValidationData Validation

To ensure the returns are accurate for transmission, ACAwise validates your data against mandatory fields, IRS business rules, data integrity checks, TIN matching, XML schema validation, and USPS address validation.

Error CorrectionData Correction

The Errors identified during data validation will be sent to you with our recommendations. You can make corrections to the data quickly and easily using the ACAwise correction template.

Generate Codes & FormsGenerate Codes & Forms

ACAwise will accurately generate your 1094 and 1095 Forms with required ACA codes based on the data you provided that adheres to the current IRS ACA regulations.

We also handle special cases like COBRA coverage, ICHRA, rehires, termination, and age bands.

Form 1094 & 1095 ReviewForm 1094 & 1095 Review

We will send the generated Forms for your review & approval to e-file with the IRS.

Forms will be provided for your review in both a downloadable version and in an excel template.

Correct Errors & Continue with IRS E-fileCorrect Errors & Approve forms

While reviewing, if you find any errors, you have access to correct them. We will then regenerate your forms and send them again for your approval. Once you approve, ACAwise will continue with the IRS e-filing.

E-File with the IRSE-File with the IRS

Once we get your approval, we will convert your Forms into the IRS acceptable format and transmit your 1094 and 1095 information returns to the IRS. We will also notify you about the status of your filing.

State E-filingState E-filing

ACAwise will also take care of e-filing the forms with states such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, District of Columbia, Rhode Island, and Vermont that have passed individual state mandates.

Few other states such as Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington are also considering individual mandates for their states. Learn More

Print & Postal MailingEmployee Copy Distribution

ACAwise takes care of distributing your employee copies via postal mailing and secure online portal before the deadline and helps you stay ACA compliant.

To ensure the employees receive their copies at the correct address, we will also validate employees’ addresses using USPS validation.

ACA Reporting Services
Built Just For You

ACA Core

Provide your basic employee data with
ACA codes.

ACAwise will handle

  • IRS business rules, XML schema validations
  • Generating ACA 1094, 1095 Forms
  • Sending Forms for you to review
  • IRS E-filing


  • TIN / USPS validations
  • Printing & mailing copies to employees
  • State E-filing

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ACA Elite

Provide your raw data, including your employee census, enrollment, and
payroll data.

ACAwise will handle

  • IRS business rules, XML schema, data integrity check validation
  • Generating ACA 1094 and 1095 Forms with codes
  • Sending Forms for you to review
  • IRS E-filing


  • TIN / USPS validations
  • Printing & mailing copies to employees
  • State E-filing

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ACA Compliance Monitoring and Tracking Service

Provide your basic employee data, employee census, enrollment, and payroll data
each month.

ACAwise will handle

  • Determining eligibility
  • Identifying affordability
  • Monitoring ACA compliance on a
    monthly basis
  • IRS business rules, XML schema, data integrity check, TIN Matching, & USPS validation
  • Generating ACA 1094, 1095 Forms with
    ACA codes
  • E-filing ACA Forms with IRS
  • E-filing with State
  • Printing & Mailing copies to employees

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ACA Form Corrections & Amendments

Form Corrections

Form 1095s accepted by the IRS with errors can easily be corrected with ACAwise. We will keep you informed of any errors that occur, and help you correct & retransmit these returns.


Need to correct your employee's coverage information or report more 1095 Forms? No problem! ACAwise lets you correct, update, and even amend your Transmittal Form 1094.

1094/1095 Form Correction and Amendments

ACAwise supports Form 1094/1095 corrections for
3 prior years

Customized ACA Reporting Solutions

ACAwise specializes in providing a unique tax filing experience for each client using our comprehensive reporting solution.

Industries We Serve

We specialize in providing ACA reporting for a variety of markets and industries.



Real Estate

Real Estate

Counties & Cities

Counties &

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

Financial Institution

Financial Institution



Educational Institutions




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ACA Filing deadline for 2023

Employers should know the updated ACA 1094 and 1095-B/C reporting deadlines for 2023.

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ACA Form 1095-C Code Sheet

ACA Form 1095-C Code Sheet

To report the health coverage information on Form 1095-C, ALEs clearly understand the Line 14 & 16 Codes.

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2021 ACA Reporting Requirements

2023 ACA Reporting Requirements

These instructions will help employers understand the ACA 1094/1095 Reporting Requirements for 2023.

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