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A Complete Solution for all Your ACA Compliance & Reporting Requirements

At ACAWise we understand that tracking compliance and reporting requirements can be challenging for even the most experienced companies. We offer a complete ACA compliance solution for not only Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) but also all Third Party Administrators (TPAs).

Our accurate full-service ACA reporting process ensures your ACA compliance. ALEs and TPAs enjoy our comprehensive flexible data capture for IRS reporting, as well as our detailed data analysis and modeling providing strategic forecasting reports. ACAwise simplifies ACA compliance and reporting for all businesses.

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Applicable Large Employers

Applicable Large Employer (ALE)

The IRS requires Applicable Large Employers to meticulously map out employee coverage using specific Indicator codes to file annual ACA returns. Simplify your ACA reporting by importing employee information directly from your payroll or human resource beneficiary providers using a variety of file formats or our API. Our advanced ACA compliance software allows you to integrate employee data as well as allocate multi-level collaborators.

Third Party Administrators

Third Party Administrators (TPA)

As a Third Party Administrator, you are liable for providing ACA compliance for your clients, despite complex ACA regulations and requirements. To simplify ACA compliance and reporting, ACAwise utilizes a central and secure dashboard to make your job as TPA easy. Easily manage multiple clients within one secure dashboard designed for client ACA reporting and compliance.

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Determine Eligibility & Affordability

Determine Eligibility & Affordability

Employee eligibility and affordability is measured by various IRS-approved measurement methods. ACAwise uses state-of-the-art, flexible data capture technology to interpret your ACA info using these measurement methods to determine an optimal health care coverage plan for each of your employees.

Monitor Compliance & Forecast Reports

Monitor Compliance & Forecast Reports

ACAwise's automated process helps monitor employees' working hours, projects penalty estimation, forecasts insights, tracks employee status, and helps to generate ACA reports. All of this helps determine your best strategy for staying compliant with your employer and employee benefits.

Prepare Forms & Securely E-file

Prepare Forms & Securely e-file

As an IRS-authorized e-file provider, ACAwise begins the form generation process by scanning your data obtained during the compliance phase to ensure accuracy. The program then generates the appropriate codes to prepare your Forms 1094 and 1095. Once your forms are complete you can securely e-file them through ACAwise to the IRS and print and mail the forms to your recipients.

Advanced ACA Compliance & Reporting Solution to Track, Monitor & Report to the IRS

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