Data Integrity Checks for
Accurate ACA Filing

ACAwise performs data integrity checks to ensure the returns are accurate for transmission.By running various validation processes, ACAwise safeguards employers from dealing with Form corrections and unnecessary IRS penalties for reporting incorrect data on their ACA Reporting forms.

Why Data Integrity Checks?

Employers may unintentionally provide the employee’s data with inconsistencies in hire date, insurance plans, address, and dependents to generate Form with
ACA codes. This might lead to rejection and penalties while e-filing with the IRS.

To avoid these types of errors, ACAwise performs a data integrity check validation to identify the
following errors:

  • Data mismatches
  • Incorrect data
  • Duplicate data
  • Valid data

If any of these errors come up during the validation, we will send the data to you with our recommendations and request that you correct the errors using the secure portal.

After the initial Data Integrity Check, ACAwise will perform a second review before proceeding with the Form generation and IRS E-filing.

ACAwise performs other validation processes, including IRS Business Rules Validation, XML Schema,
TIN Matching, and USPS address validations to ensure that the returns are accurate and acceptable by the IRS before transmission.

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