IRS Schema Validations for
Accurate ACA Filing

ACAwise performs IRS schema rules validations to ensure that the 1095 Forms are accurate and ready for transmission. By applying various validation processes, ACAwise prevents employers from Form corrections and unnecessary IRS penalties for reporting incorrect data on
ACA reporting forms.

Why IRS Schema Validation?

Schema Validation is to identify the errors in the electronic file return format, which can be caused by missing or invalid information.

IRS accepts the 1095 Forms only in XML Format through IRS AIR System. For this, the IRS defined the set of tags in XML file format for each field to input the employee’s basic information, employees offer of coverage and other information in Forms.

Choosing ACAwise, we will take care of converting the 1095 Forms into the XML file format, and then we also perform the IRS Schema validations to identify the formatting errors on the XML file.

By Performing IRS schema validation, we can identify the following formatting errors in the XML file.

  • Data exceeding the maximum length
  • Invalid data for data type
  • Missing fields
  • Incorrect field order
  • Tag names are valid

If any errors are found during validations, we will take care of correcting the errors on the XML file before transmitting it to the IRS through AIR System.

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