Correct your ACA 1094 and 1095 Forms
Easily with ACAwise

ACAwise allows you to easily make corrections to your ACA Forms 1094 and 1095 and re-transmit them to the IRS. ACAwise will distribute your corrected employee copies.

When is an ACA correction required?

After your forms have been transmitted the Form 1095-B / 1095-C to the IRS, the IRS will notify you with the following errors:

  • Accepted with Errors
  • Partially Accepted
  • Not Found
  • Rejected

Have you received error notifications from the IRS? ACAwise is here to help you respond. We can assist with the corrections process and re-transmit your forms to the IRS. We can also distribute your corrected employee copies.

Amend your Form with the ACA Forms

Contact ACAwise now to begin correcting your ACA Forms. Additionally, we assist you in correcting, updating, and amending your Transmittal Form 1094.

For error-free and accurate filing of ACA Forms 1095-B/C, reach out to the ACAwise team today!

A Quick Guide for Employers

ACAwise has created a Free guide to help applicable large employers to know 2021 ACA Reporting Requirements
and ACA Codes better.

ACA Reporting Requirements for 2021

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ACA Code Cheatsheet for 2021

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ACA Reporting Highlights

IRS extends the ACA 1094/1095 deadline for 2020

2022 ACA Filing deadline

Employers should know the updated ACA 1094 and 1095-B/C reporting deadlines for the 2021 tax year.

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2020 ACA Reporting Requirements

2022 ACA Reporting Requirements

These instructions will help employers understand the ACA reporting requirements for 2021 tax year.

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ACA Form 1095-C Code Sheet

ACA Form 1095-C Code Sheet

To report the health coverage information on Form 1095-C, ALEs clearly understand the Line 14 & 16 ACA Codes.

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