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ACA Challenges for TPA

TPAs are liable to fulfil the 4980H requirements of their clients. It is the responsibility of the TPAs to fulfil the employer shared responsibility provisions of ACA for their respective clients. There are numerous challenges faced by TPAs while handling multiple clients.

Multiple Client Handlings and Data-Mapping:

The problems that TPAs might face in addressing the annual compliance of each of their clients would be in terms of tools to handle different data formats, review of the processed forms before transmission, filing in bulk, notification of transmission & acceptance of forms by IRS for each of their clients, providing employees of each of their client a copy of the accepted form. All this has to be done in a data secure, efficient, quicker pace at a customized pricing avoiding penalties for each of their clients.

Account Setup

What ACAwise can do for TPAs:

ACAwise is designed exclusively to meet the challenges faced by TPAs. It has a flexible dashboard where TPAs can see all of their client at one place conveniently. A user friendly data handling system would bring all of their client data easily and securely at ACAwise in minutes.

The In-built error check would generate forms that are consistent and complete; if need be, forms can be amended and resend without costs. The accepted forms can be mailed/e-mailed to the clients and their employees;

The client portal feature will help the TPAs to offer a unique URL to each client and let them view and approve the ACA data. The employee portal feature offers an opportunity for the employees to view and download their form 1095-C copies themselves.

With the customized pricing based on the size, and complexity of data, ACAwise offers a unique solution to your ACA reporting.

  • Account Setup
    Step- 1

    White Label Account Setup

  • Enter Employer Details
    Step- 2

    Multi Client Access

  • Track & Manage ACA Compliance All Year
    Step- 3

    Client Data Upload

  • Review Automated Forms 1094 & 1095
    Step- 4

    ACA Rules and Regulation

  • E-file, Print, & Mail Forms
    Step- 5

    IRS e-filing

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