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ACA Challenges for ALE

Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) have the Employer shared Responsibility provision under section 4980H of the internal revenue code (IRC)

Under this provision, ALEs must offer health coverage that is 'affordable', and that provides 'minimum value' to their full-time employees. Employers employing to full-time equivalent employees are ALEs and they are subject to the employer shared responsibility provisions.

ALEs are required to report information about whether they offered coverage to employees and if so, information about the offer of coverage. ALEs are required to send this information to the IRS on Form 1094-C, Employer-Provider Health Insurance Offer and Coverage. ALEs are also required to send the form 1095-C to each employee.

If an ALE is self-insured, then they can use the same form by filling out an additional section (Part-III) for employees and family members who enroll in the coverage.

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What ACAwise can do for ALEs:

There are several challenges ALEs face while filing for ACA. It could be due to the changing ACA rules or multiple set of data (employee data, benefit data & payroll data) that they have to deal with as they often come from different agencies, the file format they are supposed to keep it, unsure of the price they need to pay, fear of safety and security of data, choosing the right ACA software provider etc. The challenges are limitless.

With ACAwise, we have solutions for all the challenges! Our highly competent, fully US-based ACAwise support team will guide you through a smooth process from start to end. We integrate your data into our system over a secure portal and our program will convert them into ACA codes. We support the file formats like Excel, CSV files, PDF, XML etc. We have a customized pricing per your needs.

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