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Get an IRS-Ready ACA XML File with ACAwise

The developers behind ACAwise are proud to provide a unique solution for users who would like to generate IRS-ready XML files. With this new feature, ACAwise is able to help you through the difficulties of generating an IRS-ready XML file in a simple way!

To begin, simply import your employee health benefits and payroll data. With ACAwise's audit checks and data integrity capabilities, your ACA 1095-B or 1095-C Forms are then generated into an IRS-ready XML file. The best part: there's no need to worry about your ACA return's accuracy! ACAwise puts your data through our IRS AIR business validation and error checks to ensure your XML is compatible with the IRS AIR XML schema, making your ACA filing completely trouble-free! With this IRS-ready XML file, you can transmit your return by uploading the file to the IRS's UI channel with your own TCC and software ID or e-file it directly with the IRS with your ACAwise account.

How ACA XML Works

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    Add Employer

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    Import Health Benefits Data

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  • We Generate Your Forms
    Generate ACA XML

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  • E-file Print and Mail Copies
    Upload to IRS
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Key Features

Bulk Uploading

Bulk Uploading

Import employee and payroll data for multiple forms at once with our customer Excel template.

IRS AIR Business Rule Validation

IRS AIR Business Rule Validation

All xml files generated by ACAxml are guaranteed to meet the ACA business rules for the current tax year as outlined by the IRS.

Multiple EIN Capabilities

Multiple EIN Capabilities

If you have more than one company to file for, it's easy to enter and file for multiple EINs at once with ACAxml - and at a discounted price, too!

Built-In Error Checks

Built-In Error Checks

Before converting your data into an xml file, ACAxml will scan what you've uploaded to help you find and fix any obvious errors.

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