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Generate 1095-C Forms (with Line 14, 16 Codes) & E-file directly to the IRS with ACAwise Cross Walk Service

ACAwise provides a unique solution for those who need to e-file 1095-C Forms with the IRS. Either you are an ALE or TPA, with the Crosswalk service from ACAwise, you can easily overcome the difficulties that you are facing in generating the required codes for lines 14 and 16 of Form 1095-C, also known as the ACA Indicator Codes.

Just start by adding the basic employer information and uploading your health benefits data. Then your 1095-C Forms are generated automatically with the required ACA indicator codes for lines 14 and 16. Once you've reviewed your forms, you can then e-file your forms directly with the IRS through our software.

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How our 1095-C Software Works

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    Step- 1

  • Add Employer
    Add Employer

    Step- 2

  • Import Health Benefits Data
    Import Health Benefits Data

    Step- 3

  • Generate Required Codes for Form 1095-C
    Generate Required Codes for
    Form 1095-C

    Step- 4

  • Review and e-file
    Review and e-file

    Step- 5

  • Print and Mail Recipient Copies
    Print and Mail
    Recipient Copies

    Step- 6

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Cross Walk Features

Add & Manage Multiple Businesses

Instant Data Upload

Instantly upload your 1095 Form data with our multiple bulk upload and integration options.

Easy, Flexible Data Integration

Manage Multiple Employers

With ACAwise, your account is able to support ACA Form data for as many employers as necessary.

Automated Form Generation

Built-In Data Integrity Check

Before your forms are created, all of your information is securely checked for any errors that could cause filing errors.

TIN Matching

Automatic Code & Form Generation

Once you've uploaded your basic filing data, ACAwise can accurately generate the necessary codes for lines 14 and 16. Then your forms are automatically generated with our Crosswalk service.

Instantly e-file, Print, & Mail Copies

Form Printing & Postal Mailing

For your recipient forms, you can either print and mail them directly from your ACAwise account or have us do it for you!

Correction Forms Supported

Form Corrections

ACAwise also supports form corrections, so if for any reason your forms are rejected, you can easily correct them with ACAwise.

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