Employers Reporting Requirements under
State Individual Health Care Mandates

State Individual Health Care Mandates

The States such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Vermont and Washington D.C. have passed the individual health care mandates which require the individuals of the states to have minimum essential coverage.

New Jersey has now mandated the reporting of health care coverage effective from 2019 tax year.

This means employers have the additional responsibilities of reporting minimum essential coverage to the State of New Jersey. Even the out of state employers having New Jersey residents as an employee must report New Jersey about their health coverage by March 31st, 2020.

ACAwise could make your Federal and State Reporting process Easier

ACAwise, a cloud-based SAAS Solution that provides complete end-to-end ACA reporting solutions to various businesses from different industries, have e-filed more than 4.5+ million Forms with the IRS and is now into the state reporting as well.

The following are the steps involved in processing your Health Care reporting with ACAwise:

  • Send us your payroll, benefits, & employee census data using your template or our own excel template
  • ACAwise validate the data with basic business rules, TIN Matching, USPS Validation, and Data Integrity Check
  • ACAwise will generate IRS 1095 codes and 1094/1095 Forms
  • ACAwise will send the generated Forms for your review
  • You can review & approve the Forms
  • ACAwise file your return with the IRS through AIR system
  • ACAwise will process your return with the New Jersey’s W-2 Processing System and e-file it with the State
  • Finally, ACAwise will postal mail the copies to the employees

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Reporting Requirements for Employers under New Jersey Individual Health Care Mandate

The state of New Jersey passed its own individual health care mandate titled New Jersey Health Insurance Market Preservation Act (“NJHIMPA”) that mandates minimum health coverage for all New Jersey residents. NJHIMPA came into effect beginning with the tax year 2019.

Who must Report under New Jersey’s Health Insurance Mandate?

Employers, insurers, government agencies, multiemployer plans, and other providers of minimum essential coverage to the New Jersey residents are required to file their health-care coverage information with the state.

Deadline to File?

The employer and all other providers of Minimum Essential Coverage to New Jersey residents must electronically file the health-care coverage returns to the state by March 31, 2020.

Out-of-State Employers having New Jersey Residents

Out-of-State employers reporting the coverage information of New Jersey residents conform to the same filing requirements. These requirements are not limited to businesses that withhold New Jersey payroll taxes.

Employers must ensure that they have sent the forms to the New Jersey state reporting the coverage of New Jersey Residents.

Reporting Requirements to Process Forms under NJ’s W-2 System

Since there is no paper filing option, the providers of minimum essential coverage must send the individuals’ health insurance coverage information electronically to the State of New Jersey using the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services' (DORES)- NJ’s W-2 processing system.

Never bother, if your existing solution provider doesn’t have interface with New Jersey W-2 processing system. We have a solution covered for you and it helps meet your mandate reporting requirements under New Jersey.

ACAwise's solution to New Jersey’s Individual Health Insurance Mandate

ACAwise is a comprehensive ACA reporting solution that helps businesses to stay ACA compliant.

With the experience in handling filing for both the federal ACA and the state forms through NJ’s W-2 processing system, ACAwise can accurately report your health coverage information with New Jersey without any additional effort on your end.

Just send us your payroll, benefits, and employee census data through an excel template or use our own template (Download our template). We will generate the forms, e-file it with the IRS and the State. And we postal mail all your employee copies prior to the recipient copy deadline.

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