2021 ACA Reporting Deadline
Important Dates to remember for Filing 1094 and 1095-B/C Forms

Let us remind you of the ACA Reporting deadline!

Let us remind you of the ACA Reporting deadline!

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Meeting the ACA Reporting Deadline for 2021

- Updated October 12, 2020 - 8.00 AM by Admin, ACAwise

Employers are responsible for filing ACA Form 1095-B/C to report the employees’ health insurance coverage information to the IRS.

It is also mandatory for the employers to file the ACA Forms annually with the IRS and the States and furnish the Form copies to the employees before the deadline to avoid unwanted IRS penalties.

ACA Form 1095-B/C Deadlines

Mar 02nd

Recipient Copy Deadline

The IRS has extended the deadline to furnish the ACA Forms 1095-B / 1095-C recipient copies from January 31, 2021, to March 02, 2021.

We prepare forms, e-file it with IRS, State, and distribute employee copies.

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Mar 31st

Electronic Filing Deadline

The 1095-B / 1095-C Forms need to be e-filed with the IRS on March 31, 2021.

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Feb 28th

Paper Filing Deadline

If you choose to file ACA Forms by paper, you must file before February 28, 2021.

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To meet the recipient copy and IRS / State e-filing deadline, get started with ACAwise. Send us your requirements to support@acawise.com or contact us at (704)-954-8420. Know more about our services.

State Filing Deadlines

Few states mandate the reporting of ACA Forms with the State agencies. The deadlines are mentioned below:

State Deadline
District of Columbia April 30
New Jersey March 31
Massachusetts March 31
California March 31

In addition to the IRS e-filing, ACAwise also takes care of State e-filing. Send us your requirements to support@acawise.com or contact us at (704)-954-8420. Know more about our state e-filing services.

Late Filing Penalties for ACA Forms

If you miss filing the ACA Forms to the IRS before the deadline, the IRS will penalize you for the late filing.

The ACA penalty for late filing would range from $50-$530 per Form, depending on how late you are submitting the Forms to the IRS, and it keeps increasing each day.

Learn More about ACA penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions about ACA Reporting Deadline

Q. What has changed for 2020?

For the 2020 Tax year, the deadline to furnish ACA Forms to the employees is extended to March 02, 2021.

On July 13, 2020, the IRS released the final instructions of the Form 1095-C to be used for reporting in the 2020 tax year. The revised Form 1095-C has a new line (Line 17, Zip Code) related to ICHRA information. There is also a new series of ACA codes from 1L to 1S to be entered on Line 14, Offer of Coverage, that refer specifically to the ICHRA. Click here to know more about the ACA Reporting Requirements for 2021.

Q. When is the due date for paper filing 2020 ACA Forms 1094 and 1095-B/C?

February 28, 2021, is the paper filing deadline for the 2020 Tax Year. IRS mandates electronic filing for those who are reporting more than 250 Forms.

Q. Will you mail the Form 1095 to my employees?

Yes. ACAwise will print & mail the 1095 Form copy to your employees on-time. Before sending the copy, ACAwise will validate the employees’ addresses using USPS validation.

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ACAwise by SPAN Enterprises is a customized ACA compliance program that started in 2014 to help employers meet ACA reporting requirements under IRS Section 6055/6056.

Since the IRS’s establishment of the Affordable Care Act, ACAwise has filed over 5.3 million Forms for over 7,000 businesses across different industry segments.

With our Comprehensive ACA reporting software, we help businesses stay ACA compliant and avoid unwanted IRS penalties!

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  • IRS E-Filing through IRS AIR System
  • State E-filing
  • Postal Mailing of Employee Copies

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