2020 ACA Reporting Deadline Important Dates for Filing 2019 Tax Year 1094/1095 Forms

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2020 ACA 1094/1095 Reporting Deadline

Recipient Copy Deadline

The 1095-B/1095-C Forms need to be sent to the employees / recipients on or before March 02, 2020. The actual recipient copy deadline is on January 31st, 2020. Now, the IRS has extended it to March 2, 2020 for 2019 Tax Year.

Electronic Filing Deadline

The 1095-B/1095-C Forms need to be e-filed with the IRS on before March 31, 2020.

Q. What has changed for 2019?

For the 2019 Tax year, the deadline to furnish ACA 1095-B/C Forms to the employees is extended to March 02, 2020.

Q. When is the due date for paper filing 2019 ACA Forms 1094 and 1095-B/C?

February 28, 2020, is the paper filing deadline for the 2019 Tax Year. IRS mandates electronic filing for those who are reporting more than 250 Forms.

Q. Will you mail the Form 1095 to my employees?

Yes. ACAwise will print & mail the 1095 Form copy to your employees on-time. Before sending the copy, ACAwise will validate the employees’ addresses using USPS validation.

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