2018 Tax Year ACA (1095 Filing) Reporting Deadline

Meet the ACA Reporting Requirements Before These Deadlines

Employee/ Recipient Copy Deadline

The 1095-B/1095-C forms need to be sent to the employees/ recipients on or before March 4th. As part of our full-service e-filing solution we’ll print and mail your employee copies on your behalf, and on time.

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Electronic Filing Deadline

The 1095-B/1095-C forms need to be e-filed with the IRS before April 1st. When you choose our full-service e-filing, we take care of form generation and the codes for Lines 14 and 16.

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Note: If you are paper filing, the 1095-B/1095-C forms need to be sent to the IRS by Feb. 28.

Get Ready for the 2018 Tax Year End Filing with ACAwise!

We offer the following Year End E-filing Solution that afford your needs.

DIY E-filing

Full-Service E-Filing

Get rid of the stress involved with filing your ACA forms. With our full-service e-filing solution, we can handle all your filing requirements–– generating your 1094/1095 forms, e-filing with the IRS on your behalf. You can always review your forms before they get transmitted to make any necessary corrections.

Generate 1095-C Code & Efile

Generate 1095-C Codes & E-file

With our ACA Crosswalk feature, all of the codes for Lines 14 and 16 of your 1095-C forms will be automatically generated based on the benefits data you have provided. ACA Crosswalk allows you to review and transmit your forms to the IRS with ease, and can help ALEs handle a large filing volume.

Full Service E-filing

Generate or E-file ACA XML

Whether you want to generate the XML files for your ACA forms, or want to e-file the ACA XML file you already have generated, ACAwise is the solution for you. Just upload your health benefits data and generate the required XML, or use our software to import your XML file and e-file it directly with the IRS.

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